Xeric XERISCOPE: A Watch Born from KickStarter

Xeric XERISCOPE 1If you enjoy the occasional online perusal of the purveyors of timepieces, odds are you’ve heard of Wachismo.  And, unless you live under a rock, you’ve also probably heard of the crowd-sourcing website, KickStarter.  But, what you may not have heard of is the Xeric watch brand and they’re first timepiece, the XERISCOPE, which is on KickStarter as we speak (with about 26 hours to go).


The brothers Greenblatt, also known as Mitch and Andrew, have decided, after years of selling watches online through the website they co-founded, Wachismo, to start a manufacture of their own, Xeric, and finance it through a KickStarter campaign.  For 44 days and nights, KickStart has plugged along, gaining backer after backer.  What started with a $40,000 goal to fund the creation of the Xeric XERISCOPE has turned into a mind-boggling $437,505 in pledged dollars with 26 hours to go.

Xeric XERISCOPE Drawings

This is amazing, not only for the fact that 1,127 people (so far) have pledged their dollars to support the birth of an independent watch brand, but because it demonstrates a wide-spread interest in unique mechanical watches that extends far, far, far beyond the reach of the mainstream brands.  Not to mention the fact that this brand is seeing its nativity facilitated through a KickStarter campaign is nothing short of industry-rocking.


So, what is the Xeric XERISCOPE?  Thanks to Xeric’s in-house designer, Daniel Hunsaker, it’s a very unique watch, that’s what it is.  The XERISCOPE has an automatic, mechanical movement visible though the dial with an escapement that rotates around the dial and serves as the 12-hour indicator.  Cool, no?


Featuring a unique exposed rotating escapement / primary hour indicator, a double-arc minute display, second timezone sub-register, retrograde power reserve indicator and 50-hour power reserve, the XERISCOPE is powered by a hand-assembled, 24-jewel Chinese-made automatic movement.  The XERISCOPE is water-resistant to 5 atmospheres.


For this first go-round, Xeric is producing eleven variations of the XERISCOPE.  That is incredibly ambitions.  There are some very established watch brands that don’t even have eleven variations.  These eleven versions are split between the Limited Edition and Open Series collections, with six and five versions, respectively.

Xeric XERISCOPE porthole-cashback

The pieces of the Limited Edition series all feature crystal display casebacks and a smooth or coin-edge bezel.  The cases are all stainless steel by have rose gold, black or yellow gold finishing options.  The Open Series adds what Xeric is calling “halo” hands, which encircle the indices.


Prices range from $500 to $600.  But, Xeric is offering the XERISCOPE at a discount through the KickStarter campaign.  With an estimated January 2014 delivery date for the Limited Editions, the XERISCOPE may come a bit late for Christmas, but that doesn’t mean you can’t print a picture of the watch, wrap it and put it under the tree… just sayin’.  The Open Series will make its way to backers sometime in May, 2014.  For more info, check out the KickStarter page or XericWatches.

Xeric XERISCOPE Limited Edition CollectionXeric XERISCOPE Open Series CollectionImage Credit: Xeric Watches 

Author: Nick Glasnovich

Founder & Executive Editor of TickTickVroom.com.

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