[VIDEO] Trans Am Depot’s 2014 6T9 GTO Judge

It was a sad day when the Pontiac badge was retired.  With cars like the G8 GXP, they were just starting to build up some of their former steam.  Too little, too late, unfortunately.  Thankfully, tuning house Trans Am Depot has picked up the slack, resurrecting Pontiac best nameplates.  If Pontiac built cars like these, maybe they’d still be around.

Using the Chevy Camaro as a base, Trans Am Depot has created some kick-ass “Pontiacs,” like the 7T7 Trans Am, the Hurst Trans Am complete with T-top and golden firebird on the hood and the Smokey-and-the-Bandit-themed 1,100 horse 6T9 Trans Am.  And, according to the video below, up next is the 6T9 Goat, complete with Carousel Red paint, flip-up headlights, horizontal taillights and Judge fender badge.  If the other Trans Am Depot models are any indication, this car is going to be a screamer, and it won’t come cheap.

Big, poweful V8s, rear-wheel-drive, giant birds on the hood, T-tops… The Trans Am Depot cars all have a bit of the same stuff that made the original muscle and pony cars so much fun.  Check out the video and see if it reminds you a bit of the original GTO Judge.  Oh, and, turn the sound up.  This car has a great exhaust note.

Author: Nick Glasnovich

Founder & Executive Editor of TickTickVroom.com.

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