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Piston King Motor Oil

Does a hatred of running to your local auto parts store to pick up a case of 10W-30 keep you from from being a do-it-yourself-motor-oil-changer?  If so, that’s good.  Because, Piston King Motor Oil, is banking on it.


Piston King is a new brand of synthetic and conventional motor oils that sells exclusively through their online store at PistonKing.com.  But, is it actually easier or cheaper (or even equally as easy or cheap) as heading to somewhere like Advance Auto Parts and buying a few quarts?  Or, having your oil changed at a shop?  I ran a little experiment to find out using our 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA250 as a test.


PistonKing.com has a “Motor Oil Finder” function.  It works like pretty much every other parts finder.  You pick your car’s year, make, model and engine from drop-down menus, and the site takes you to a page with the appropriate engine oil and oil filter suggestions.  No match.  Piston King doesn’t carry the 0W-40 Synthetic that our CLA250 calls for, so let’s pretend I’m buying 5 quarts of  5W-30 Synthetic.

CLA Test

The sticker prices put Piston King oil on par or a bit cheaper than your favorite brands sold at pretty much every auto parts store.  Carrying several weights, prices for Piston King Motor Oil aren’t bad.  Quarts of synthetic run $6.99 for all weights except 5W-40 which will set you back $7.99.  All quarts of conventional are $4.99.


So, five quarts of 5W-30 Synthetic (at $6.99/qt) cost $34.95, a bit cheaper than Mobil 1 (Advance Auto Parts price: $7.60/qt in a 5 qt jug).  But, using their standard UPS Ground shipping to me in Fort Lauderdale, FL, the price jumps $16.31 to a total of $51.26, or an extremely expensive $10.25 per quart.  That’s without the filter.  (By the way, Piston King carries Purolator oil filters.)  Unfortunately, they don’t seem to have the right filter available, either.  So, picking a middle of the road filter, for $6.30, the grand total jumps to $58.19 (after including a $0.63 bump to shipping).


That’s tip-toeing awfully close to the price of just taking your car to a Jiffy Lube or Pep Boys.  For about $11 more, you can get a Pep Boys oil change, which starts at $69.99 plus tax for 5 quarts of Mobil 1, an oil filter and a tire rotation.  Hell, they even dispose of your old oil.  Getting rid of used oil is a big pain in the butt.


So, to repeat my earlier question… Is Piston King easier or cheaper than buying a few quarts of oil at an auto parts store? NEXT PAGE>>

Piston King Motor Oil 5W-30

Author: Nick Glasnovich

Founder & Executive Editor of TickTickVroom.com.

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