Photos and Exclusive Video of Ian Poulter’s Custom Ferrari FF [Video]

Ian Poulter Ferrari FFFor those who don’t know, one can now order a custom made Ferrari without going the full Eric Clapton One-Off through the Ferrari Tailor-Made program.  As a petrolhead, pro golfer, fashion guru, and plaid enthusiast, Ian Poulter, Ferrari’s newest brand ambassador, recently designed his own custom Tailor-Made Ferrari FF, of which he took delivery at Pebble Beach last week.  Poulter’s FF was the first Ferrari Tailor-Made car to be delivered in North America.  

Ian Poulter Ferrari FF Interior

The Ferrari Tailor-Made program allows you to pretty much take the reigns on the details of your car.  Poulter decided to paint the car white, which every Floridian knows is a good idea if you don’t want to fry an egg on your driver seat in June.  (Ian Poulter happens to live in Orlando.)  Inside, the car takes a more individualized turn.  The interior is fitted with a “Sabbia” triple-layer interior and Poltrona Frau leather.  The black seats, doors and center console are trimmed with the plaid of Ian Poulter’s favorite tartan.  That definitely screams golfer. 

Ian Poulter Ferrari FF Trunk and Golf Bag

The FF is actually the only Ferrari that will fit a few sets of golf clubs.  Poulter’s FF has a carbon fiber lined trunk that comes complete with a Poltrona Frau leather golf bag matching his car’s interior.  Now, I definitely need one of those.

Ian Poulter Ferrari FF Seat

Every one knows, you buy  a Ferrari for the sound.  So, on that (exhaust) note, below please find a video of Ian Poulter’s custom Tailor-Made Ferrari FF driving off.

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