Nike VR_S & Adams Speedline Fast 12 Drivers: Which Club Makes Me Less Bad at Golf

First, a disclaimer: I am not fantastic at golf.  As a matter of fact, I am an expert and decapitating worms and cutting grass with golf balls..  This, I believe, makes me uniquely qualified to judge the performance of a golf club, particularly the Nike VR_S and the Adams Golf Speedline Fast 12 drivers.  If one or both of the club can make me hit straight and long consistently, it is certainly a quality piece of golf engineering.  I am doing this review for everyone who likes golf while golf doesn’t necessarily like them.

Nike VR_S

Nike VR_S Driver

  • Loft: 9.5 Degree Standard
  • Shaft: Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki K
  • Flex: Stiff 
  • Grip: Nike Tour Velvet
Adams Golf Speedline Fast 12
Adams Golf Speedline Fast 12
  • Loft: 9.5 Degree Standard 
  • Shaft: Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue
  • Flex: Stiff
  • Grip: Adams Tour Elite Plus

I hit a small bucket of balls at the driving range with each club and noted my observations.


Nike VR_S Driver:
Let’s begin with the distance.  When I connect with my old driver (Adams Golf Speedline Fast 10) I drive around 200 yards.  With the VR_S, I was adding at least another twenty to twenty-five yards.  That’s when I connect.  And, with the VR_S, I connect a lot more.  So, by connecting more, I get to hear the sound of the club striking the ball.  While it’s not as bad as past Nike drivers, it sounds a bit dead.  

Nike VR_S

The swing is smooth and straight.  I don’t have a particularly fast swing.  I’m trying to get a decent form throughout, and whenever I speed up, I ruin it.  This club has a long enough shaft (albeit a bit light relative to the head) and heavy enough head that it gets enough head speed for a decent hit.

This is a very forgiving club and masks my not-so-perfect hits well.  I tended to have greater consistency.  Much to my surprise, I was actually hitting what I was aiming for.  The VR_S allows for shots with a good deal of accuracy, especially with the adjustable STR8-Fit adjustable face angle.

The VR_S is a good looking club.  I don’t know how effective the aerodynamic grooves are, but they certainly look cool.  Looking down at the club, the shape is good but the view is a bit dull.  The metallic black paint is nice enough, but I can’t help but think it’s missing a bit of detail.  Overall, apart from the dead sound and dull top of the club, this is a great driver, and it makes me look like a way better golfer than I am.

Adams Golf Speedline Fast 12

Adams Golf Speedline Fast 12 Driver:
Before I even hit it, I decided I like this club.  It looks good.  The dark and light gray color scheme are appealing, and the shape looks like a golf club.  The shaft is an odd texture, but that’s not a big deal.

So now let’s hit it.  I have an Adams Golf Speedline Fast 10 so I’m used to Adams’ Airfoil and aerodynamic shape.  This club feels a bit like my Fast 10 but more refined.  Therefore, it’s no real surprise that on my first swing I connect with the ball and it goes about ten to fifteen yards further than with my Fast 10.  As far as consistency is concerned, I’m hitting solidly about two-thirds of the time, which is a good improvement from the Fast 10.

Adams Golf Speedline Fast 12

The swing is smooth, but due to the focus on aerodynamics, an off-angle swing is hard to correct.  Like the VR_S, a lot of head speed is generated on the swing.  On connection, the sound is a satisfying crack. 

The accuracy of the Fast 12 is about the same as the VR_S; that is to say, good.  I could get used to hitting what I’m aiming for.  All in all, I like this club, as well.  It looks good and hits well if you start out with a straight swing.

Both the Nike VR_S and the Adams Golf Speedline Fast 12 are good drivers and huge improvements over their predecessors.  At $359 for the Nike and $299 for the Adams, these drivers aren’t a bad value as well.  But, I give the edge to the Nike VR_S.   

Author: Nick Glasnovich

Founder & Executive Editor of

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