Coolest Thing to Do with a Junker: Race a Lancia Zagato in Full-Size Pole Position

1982 Lancia Zagato takes the place of the little red racer from Atari’s Pole Position

I’m back. And, so is It’s been a while since my last post. I took a bit of time off from the site. But, now I’m back to hunting and pecking on my keyboard with a new take for TTV. This site has been a combo of news, reviews and editorial junk for the past few years. I’m not Autoblog, so why would you come here for news?


No mas. Now, I’m sticking to road tests and editorial stuff with my own personal take on cars and watches. I’m gonna have fun and share what I think is interesting, funny or worth sharing. What better way to begin the new style than with an this awesomeness. I would like to share with you, gentle reader the greatest and coolest car-based boondoggle I’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing, a full-sized version of the classic game Pole Position, starring a 1982 Lancia Zagato.

1982 Lancia Zagato Pole Position Indianapolis Museum of Art Jalopnik

1982 Lancia Zagato Pole Position Screenshot from

Driving games have gotten pretty incredible not to mention popular. Need for Speed, Gran Turismo, Project CARS and Mario Kart to name a few. But they all have a common progenitor, pixelated old grand-pappy Atari Pole Position. Pole Position was originally released in 1982, June for Japan and November for North America… just a bit before my time. But, that doesn’t mean I didn’t buzz that little red racer around the track from time to time. I love Pole Position, and a lot of other people do, as well.


Artist, vintage video game connoisseur and Jalopnik contributor Jason Torchinsky has taken his love of the classic Atari game to a-whole-nother level. He’s taken a worse-for-wear 1982 Lancia Zagato, had it majorly pixelated, shoved an Atari 400 into the glove box, put it in front of a big screen, and turned it into a full-size version of Pole Position, which is now installed at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. As a matter of fact, tonight is opening night of the installation.


That means you can go and drive a Lancia Zagato in big kid Pole Position right now… provided you live in the Indianapolis metro area of have access to a private jet. Seriously, that has to be the coolest thing you could ever do with an old junker. Torchinsky has written all about it in a series of Jalopnik posts, which I highly recommend. Check them out here, here and here

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