Italian Banker Alfredo Paramico and His Patek Philippes

Patek Philippe Reference Number 1518

Alfredo Paramico is a banker in Milan.  But, that’s just his day job.  At heart, he is an all-out watch collector.  Not just any watch, mind you, but Patek Philippe.  Paramico has dedicated over a decade to amass his collection of the most rare Pateks ever produced.  His collection (the 10th best in the world) is worth about $25,000,000 and includes:

  • Reference Number: 1518 in Steel
  • 1928 Single Button Chronograph in White Gold
  • Reference Number: 2497 in Platinum
  • Reference Number:1436 in Steel 
  • Reference Number: 3700/1 in Platinum
  • Reference Number: 2424 in Platinum
  • Reference Number: 2526 in White Gold 

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Patek Philippe Reference Number 3700/1 in Platinum, a Unique Piece


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