Holy Crap! It’s a Drivable LEGO Car! [Video]

Super Awesome Micro Project Lego Car 14 Holy Crap! Its a Drivable LEGO Car! [Video]When I told my wife I wanted the 3,152-piece LEGO Star Wars Super Star Destroyer for Christmas, she thought I was nuts.  I wonder what she’ll say if I ask for the over 500,000 pieces it takes to build the life-sized, fully drivable, yellow and black LEGO hot-rod that was the brain-child of Steve Sammartine and Raul Oaida.

Super Awesome Micro Project Lego Car 13 Holy Crap! Its a Drivable LEGO Car! [Video]

Billed the Super Awesome Micro Project, the LEGO car was built in Romania and shipped to Melbourne Australia.  Air powered by four engines with an astonishing 256 pistons and a pair of high-pressure air tanks this thing from my childhood (and adulthood) dreams can potentially hit a max speed of 20 miles-per-hour.  I cannot possibly every express how much I want this LEGO car.

Super Awesome Micro Project Lego Car 10 Holy Crap! Its a Drivable LEGO Car! [Video]

I’m not the only one who thinks this thing is incredible.  A total of 40 Australians have backed the Super Awesome Micro Project beginning with only a solitary tweet from the builders.  Definitely check out the photos and video below.

Photo and Video Credit: www.superawesomemicroproject.com 

Author: Nick Glasnovich

Founder & Executive Editor of TickTickVroom.com.

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