Christophe Claret Poker: 2014 TickTickVroom Watch of the Year


Like I said on our Car of the Year page, it’s officially TickTickVroom’s Second Anniversary. In honor of our terrible twos, we’ve made the annual TickTickVroom Awards consisting of the TickTickVroom Car of the Year and TickTickVroom Watch of the Year.


In case you didn’t read the COTY post, let me explain our process… Our anniversary falls on April 13.  So any car and any watch that comes to market between April 13ths is eligible for TTV Car of the Year and TTV Watch of the Year awards.


2014 TickTickVroom Watch of the Year

This post is on our Watch of the Year. This was an awesome year for watches but the 2014 TTV WOTY is definitely the Christophe Claret Poker.  I love this watch.  It’s crazy, it’s fun and it’s full of horological brilliance.

Christophe Claret Poker White Gold 3

I think Christophe Claret has a gambling problem.  The Swiss watchmaker seems to be obsessed with cards.  First there were the Baccara and 21 Blackjack watches, both awesome in their own right.  But, at the 2014 Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) in Geneva, there was a new gaming automaton watch, the third (and probably final) installment.  It’s called the Christophe Claret Poker.  And, Christophe Claret saved the best for last.


Christophe Claret wanted to make the Poker years ago, before the Baccara and 21 Blackjack, but it proved to be more complicated to create than originally thought.  Development of the Christophe Claret Poker took two full-time watchmakers over two years.


That’s over 11,680 man-hours to create a watch that allows three players to play a full 52-card game of Texas Hold’em Poker, complete with Hole Cards, the Flop, the Turn and the River.  Yeah, a mechanical watch that tells time AND plays poker, so you can tell exactly how much time you’re spending playing with your new favorite toy.  There’s even a working roulette wheel on the back.  It’s also the winding rotor, by the way.

Christophe Claret Poker Blue Titanium Back

The fact that you can play a full-game of Texan Hold’em on the Christophe Claret Poker isn’t even the coolest part.  It’s the fact that the designers developed the gaming portion of the movement in such a way that the Poker has 32,768 different card combinations per player, or 98,304 different combinations in total, that is truly astonishing.  On top of that, the each player has almost exactly the same probability of winning with each hand.


Encasing all of this gambling horological goodness is a 45 mm case in either 18kt rose gold and PVD-coated titanium, white gold and PVD-coated titanium, or all black PVD-coated titanium in red or blue trim.  The rose gold case gets a two-tone gray and rose gold dial with gold trimmed hands.  The white gold and all titanium cases get two-tone dark and light gray dials with either red or blue trimmed hands.  The rose gold is quite stunning, although the blue trimmed PVD-coated titanium is pretty cool, too, especially with the blue spinel set into the crown and blued roulette wheel hub.  All case options come with an alligator strap with red, rose gold-ish or blue contrast stitching.


The Christophe Claret Poker has one more trick up its sleeve.  Like on the Christophe Claret Baccara, there is a magic image on the sapphire crystal that is only visible when breathed on.  The moisture from breath reveals the image of a pin-up girl, a different girl for each model of Poker.  Why?  Because that’s Vegas, Baby!  Christophe Claret really covered all of the bases with the Poker.


Each of the four different variants of the Christophe Claret Poker are limited editions with production limited to 20 pieces each.  Prices are between about $175,000 and $190,000 (160,000 to 172,000 Swiss Francs).  All of this craziness makes the Christophe Claret Poker the 2014 TickTickVroom Watch of the Year.

Christophe Claret Poker Rose Gold Front 

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