Aston Martin One-77 Crashes in Hong Kong

Wrecked Aston Martin One-77 in Hong Kong

Today is a sad day in the world of cars.  The streets of Hong Kong saw an accident involving an ultra rare Aston Martin One-77.  This is the first of the seventy-seven $1.8 million Astons to be wrecked.  No details on the accident or driver are available as of this moment, but the car has been confirmed as being from Shenzhen, China and very recently delivered.  

The driver appears to have slammed side-long into a curb, buckling the front and rear wheels on the left side.  The carbon fiber passenger compartment appears to be in one piece.  This carbon fiber tub is very strong and hopefully protected the occupants from serious injury.  Unfortunately, the rest of the carbon fiber body, which doesn’t appear to be in very good shape, is very expensive.  Repairing the damage is likely to be very costly.

Perhaps the driver wasn’t used to have 700 hp at his disposal and lost control of the car.  Perhaps, being from mainland China where they drive on the right side of the road, the driver was confused by Hong Kong’s left side driving and swerved to avoid a collision.  Or, perhaps the driver was inspired by today’s Indianapolis 500 and Monaco Grand Prix and took a bend a bit too quickly.  But, no matter the cause, the result is the same.  The world is short one Aston Martin One-77, and that is an unfortunate thing.  Maybe now we should start calling them the One-76.  

Author: Nick Glasnovich

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