5 Worst Sounds Your Car Can Make

The Sounds Your Car Makes Can Tell You a Lot about What’s Going on Under the Hood.

Lately, I haven’t been writing much. But, the stuff I’ve been writing about has been about stuff that I’ve really, really liked. But, every once and a while, I like to write things that are actually useful. You may (or may not) remember my post on “How much is my car worth after an accident?” This is one of those posts. In my day job, I do marketing for the car industry. And, in my activities, I made this infographic and video about the 5 Worst Sounds Your Car Can Make.


I get a fair number of questions from people asking how you diagnose common, major car problems like a seized engine, thrown rod, flooded engine, bad CV joint and bad transmission. My usual response is how the car sounds and how the car feels. So, I made this video and infographic explaining the sounds your car will make while besmirched with these 5 mechanical issues. I made them originally for a company called DamagedCars.com, which buys damaged cars from people around the country. So, don’t mind the DamagedCars.com branding on the video.


I thought it might be good to post my infographic and video on TTV. My brother threw a rod in his car a while back, but kept driving the car. This video would have been useful back then. Oh well. Maybe it’ll help to diagnose someone’s mechanical malfunctions.

5 Worst Sounds Your Car Can Make

Sound Descriptions:

  • Seized Engine: Slow metallic clicking with a little bit of an echo.
  • Thrown Rod: Rapid thudding vibration that speeds up in high RPMs.
  • Flooded Engine: Whining cranking sound that keeps going when the key is turned.
  • Bad CV Joint: Metallic clicking that gets faster the faster you drive.
  • Bad Transmission: Metallic vibration under a whirring sound that speeds up with the car.

Author: Nick Glasnovich

Founder & Executive Editor of TickTickVroom.com.

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